Article: Energy ballot question an ‘all or nothing moment’ for Nevada

Riley Sny­der, The Neva­da Inde­pen­dent — For some­one who hasn’t giv­en a pub­lic inter­view in more than a decade, Rob Roy cer­tain­ly has a lot to talk about.

The enig­mat­ic founder of data cen­ter giant Switch, a com­pa­ny that with­in just a few years has emerged from rel­a­tive obscu­ri­ty to a pub­licly trad­ed $4 bil­lion cor­po­ra­tion, sat down ear­li­er this week for a three-hour inter­view with The Neva­da Inde­pen­dent, where the 48-year-old self-pro­claimed “tech futur­ist” revealed his frus­tra­tions with NV Ener­gy, and accused the elec­tric util­i­ty of pock­et­ing tens of mil­lions of dol­lars every year in “overearn­ings.”

Inside his mas­sive Reno area-data cen­ter (which between the armed guards, giant con­crete walls and sheet-met­al decor invokes com­par­isons to the lair of a James Bond vil­lain), Roy laid out not only a laun­dry list of com­plaints against NV Ener­gy, but the many poten­tial ben­e­fits he saw com­ing to the state if it pass­es the Ener­gy Choice Ini­tia­tive on the 2018 bal­lot.

The intel­li­gent thoughts around this say that a group of peo­ple togeth­er real­ly will make it bet­ter,” he said. “I have zero fear that we won’t make it bet­ter. Of course, guys, I know there aren’t a lot of peo­ple that maybe feel that way, but, peo­ple go, ‘well, wait, how did you start this com­pa­ny, Rob? This is a $4 bil­lion com­pa­ny you start­ed in Neva­da, weren’t you afraid?’ Yeah, but guys, fear doesn’t fix any­thing, actions do.”

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