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Switch Station 1 and Switch Station 2 Contracted To Be Built By Union Electricians

Projects Funded By Private Companies Like Switch Will Create Thousands Of New Union Jobs in Nevada With the Passage of Question 3

LAS VEGAS (NOV. 4, 2016) — Nevadans for Afford­able Clean Ener­gy Choic­es, the cam­paign for pas­sage of Ques­tion 3, the Ener­gy Choice Ini­tia­tive (ECI), rec­og­nized Switch for the use of more than 550 union elec­tri­cians, to build the new 180-megawatt Switch Sta­tion 1 and Switch Sta­tion 2 solar project at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Dry Lake Solar Ener­gy Zone in Clark Coun­ty, Neva­da. The abil­i­ty to devel­op new renew­able ener­gy projects in part­ner­ship with local labor and con­trac­tors like Bom­bard Elec­tric, is a key rea­son for Switch’s lead­er­ship in sup­port­ing the Ener­gy Choice Ini­tia­tive.

Bom­bard has been a lead­ing installer of renew­able projects in the state of Neva­da for many years and the vision of the Ener­gy Choice Ini­tia­tive cre­ates an oppor­tu­ni­ty to expand our state’s econ­o­my by grow­ing clean ener­gy resources and cre­at­ing more renew­able ener­gy job oppor­tu­ni­ties for Neva­da work­ers,” shared Bom­bard Elec­tric Solar Divi­sion Man­ag­er Bo Balzar.

If Ques­tion 3 pass­es, Neva­da will be able to cre­ate a well-reg­u­lat­ed, open ener­gy mar­ket, which accord­ing to a recent study by Neva­da Econ­o­mist John Restre­po and his firm RCG Eco­nom­ics, could cre­ate thou­sands of new clean ener­gy jobs. Each new util­i­ty scale renew­able ener­gy project will cre­ate as many as 10,800 con­struc­tion phase jobs. New con­struc­tion jobs of this scale will con­tribute to eco­nom­ic diver­si­fi­ca­tion while expand­ing the renew­able ener­gy work­force with­in the Sil­ver State.

Switch is com­mit­ted to using union elec­tri­cians and labor­ers for all future util­i­ty scale ener­gy projects here in Neva­da,” said Switch Exec­u­tive Vice Pres­i­dent of Strat­e­gy and ECI Pol­i­cy Chair Adam Kramer. “In fact, Switch is already work­ing with unions through­out the state to expand job cre­ation in trade posi­tions across the renew­able ener­gy sec­tor, mak­ing a pos­i­tive impact to the envi­ron­ment and to the local job mar­ket.”

As part of the Ener­gy Choice Ini­tia­tive, Switch and oth­er lead­ers of the Ini­tia­tive see an oppor­tu­ni­ty for the state to cre­ate mul­ti­ple gigawatts of new, low-cost, renew­able gen­er­a­tion in Neva­da to serve both res­i­dents and busi­ness­es.

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